THE MOST EASY TIPS TO PLAY ADUQ GAMES ONLINE, Online card gambling games using domino cards are legendary, for example the type of aduq game which is a bandarq domino card game. What is the difference between the two types of games is that in this game no one is the dealer in the game. all players play top card battle with each other. PREDIKSI MBAH SEMAR

If only you get a good card & a total of two blocks of cards, then you will win the turn. In this type of aduq game it can be played by two to eight players in the game. Each player will be given two domino cards and will be pitted. The one with the highest card will be the winner. Here are the easiest tips for playing online aduq games, consider the following:

Player vs player game
Just like playing the dominoqq game, the inequality of qq uses four dominoes, for a game of aduq only uses two dominoes. In the game there is no role of a dealer, only player vs player, each player will also get two cards. After the player is given two cards, then the player is given the opportunity to peek at the card that has been given.

Count the highest card aduq
To calculate the total dots (circles) on two cards. The total dots (circles) on the left will be filled with the total dots (circles) on the right.

If only the total dots (circles) on two cards exceed the number nine, the value of your card is reduced by ten.

If only the total dots (circles) on two cards exceed the number nineteen, then the number twenty will be deducted until so on. PAITO WARNA

as an example:

there are a number of three players on the game table, including;

The first player has a total of four cards
the second player has a total of eight cards
the third player has a total of seven cards
The second player is declared the winner because the first player has a total of four cards and the third player has seven.

the second player has the right to bet on the game table.


0 is the smallest card value then number nine is the highest card value.

Intensify with a smart strategy in playing aduq
In playing this online aduq player will also install according to the limit. Then a new card will be issued. After that, players will also be invited to open cards by rotating clockwise.

Bring sufficient capital
Don’t bring huge capital into playing this game. aim to avoid defeat.

Play casually
If your game starts to heat up then stop for a moment, if the situation is stable then you start playing again. This aims to avoid high losses.

Move the game table if you lose continuously
If there is a continuous defeat, try to play by switching tables, you can rest and can play again if conditions are stable. PREDIKSI TOGEL TERPERCAYA

Sit in seat number 7 in the direction of the clock rotation
According to experts who are professionals, chaotic rotation generally has a clockwise direction between the eight game seats. It’s even luckier if you sit in seat number seven because that’s where the card rotation is opened last.

Don’t get hung up on just one table when playing
You have to transfer to a different table and don’t be fixated on just one table, in order to find a winning rate.

Play safe
In playing, it’s a good idea to take steps to play it safe, by just following the flow of the game.

Thus the following above is my explanation regarding the easiest tips to play aduq games online, hopefully it is useful and greetings of success!