Here are some of the world’s gambling gods who are on the blacklist, We may be wondering why there are still people who are not allowed to enter a casino. There are also many things that can still cause someone to be directly included in the blacklist. And one of them is because there are those who have committed cheating to the point where it can harm large casinos around the world. data sdy

More and more people today are fond of this type of game to the end that some have become very good at this game. Because experts in this gambling game have also succeeded in winning a lot of money from gambling at casinos. And so that they were also given the nickname as the god of gambling.

But unfortunately the gods of gambling today can’t play in the casino anymore. That’s because they have been banned by some casinos for certain reasons. The following are some of the names of the Blacklisted World Gamblers.This louis calavechhio gambler is also very good, he also has very special skills to be able to win games that are in slot machines. His expertise is that he is able to imitate a coin that will be used in the slot machine in the casino. The coins he had made were almost indistinguishable from the original ones.Nothing really could find out from the cheating he had committed. It was until finally he himself had revealed his secret directly to the casino. Since then, he will no longer be allowed to play in the casino. data sgp

The second is the shrewd Richard Marcus

This gambler named Richard Marcus is also very good at a trick that is very fast and also very difficult to find out. Not only is he famous up to his shrewdness. In his cheating while playing gambling, he is also very good at covering up his actions.The supervisors in the casino had ever deliberately been able to investigate how he was doing his cheating.But they still couldn’t find that way. Richard Marcus was later arrested on charges of fraudulent money totaling up to 58.4 billion rupiah.

Here are some of the world’s gambling gods who are on the blacklist

Last Named Don Jhonson

He is a gambler who has a lot of experience and can also find out how the existing system of work is owned by the casino. Don Johnson is a CEO of the Heritage Development company.This guy also broke into an Atlantic City casino. It was very successful in bringing the victory up to this amounting to 181 billion rupiah in just one night. live hongkong

He also revealed a secret that in every casino there has a system for game manipulation. He also decided to be able to reveal by means of the manipulation of the blackjack card game that was already in the Atlantic City casino.And finally he was banned from entering this casino damalm. And this is the name of the list of gamblers from around the world who have been blacklisted at the casino. That is, even though they have extraordinary skills. That is all and we also thank you for wanting to read our article.