Other Football Gambling Games

Other Football Gambling Games, The soccer gambling game is a game that is often played by everyone who has a penchant for gambling. Where in addition to your hobbies with soccer, you can also get cash from your hobby. Each person who plays this game, of course, must have the intuition or feeling and be able to analyze the teams that will play. The key to winning from soccer betting or soccer betting is not only from luck. You have to use your skills to analyze the team that will play along with the coaches and players who are playing. LIVE DRAW SGP

The excitement here is that you have to find information both internally and externally from the teams that will compete. So that you can use this information to consider which team is superior or how many possible goals will be scored. Of course, you must seek this information from official or trustworthy media. So that you yourself can predict well because you can not only rely on luck alone. There are so many types of soccer gambling games that you can play depending on which game you understand better.

Other types of soccer gambling games, namely:
The types of games that are usually played or generally chosen by members are: Handicap, Over / Under and 1 × 2. But besides these types of games, there are other types of games that are no less exciting, of course. What types of games can you play apart from the aforementioned games. There are Odd / Even & 1 × 2 Games, Double Chance, Super Combo, Total Goal, Half Time / Full Time, First Goal / Last Goal. The following is the explanation below: LIVE DRAW SDY

Other Football Gambling Games

Odd / Even & 1 × 2
Odd / Even is you guess whether the total goals of the two teams currently playing are even or odd. In addition, there is usually also 1 × 2 which is divided into 2 parts, namely Full time or Half Time.
Double Chance
Double Chance is a game that is similar to the 1 × 2 game but there is a slight difference, namely there are 1x, 12, x2. When you want to bet, you have two options, namely full time or half time betting. The following is an explanation of how to play:
– 1x i.e. you bet on the home team (1 / Home) to win or draw (x).
– 12 means you bet on the home team (1 / Home) winning or the away team to win (2 / Away).
– x2, that is, you are fighting for a draw (x) or the away team wins the match (2).
Super Combo
Super Combo is a soccer gambling game that is almost the same as a parlay game. It’s just that in this game you can do parlay other than football, which can be basketball, volleyball, badminton, marathon, etc. In this super combo menu, there are 2 columns where you can bet Full Time or Half Time. After that there are 1 × 2, Handicap (HDP), Over / Under (O / U), Odd / Even (O / E). LIVE HONGKONG
Total Goal
Total goal is you predict the total goals of both teams. There is a scale provided for you to bet, for example: 0-1, 2-3, 4-6, or 7 & over. In this bet you can of course be in 1 full game or full time.
Half Time / Full Time
Half Time / Full Time you are asked to guess the result of the match. You are asked to guess the first half and combined with the Full Time results. The following is the information on the Half Time / Full Time menu:

Other Football Gambling Games
– H = Home (Home Team)
– D = Draw (Draw)
– A = Away (Away Team)
There are many columns that have information as below:
– HH = Home Home = Meaning In the first half the Home team won and in the second round also won in the 2nd round.
– HD = Home Draw = You bet that the home team in the first half wins and then in the second half both teams will experience the same score or tie.
– HA = Home Away = You are betting that the home team who wins the first half and the second half wins by the away team.
– DH = Draw Home = You choose that in the first half there will be a draw or a draw and in the second half the home team will win.
– DD = Draw Draw = You choose that in the first half and in the second half there will be a draw.
First Goal / Last Goal
First Goal / Last Goal, you guess who will get the first and last goals. However, if the first goal occurs as a result of an own goal, it does not include the count and the goal that will be counted or considered the first goal is the next goal. For the last goal that occurred as a result of an own goal, then that too is not included in the count and counts, namely the previous goal.